Eagle Bluff Resort

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River Fun! Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

      We float a great part of the river.  Start by picking the trip below that's right for your group.  Remember trip time varies according to the boat you choose and your floating habits.  Next look at the Boat Choice Page.  You have a lot of options, but it's fun to plan a river trip.  So gather all your friends at the website and make a party of it. 

                                              - The Eagle Bluff Fun Crew


Please Note: Floating on the River is exciting, but can take a lot out of you. 

 So for the Adventure Trip start your float early in the day.  And if your short on time, take the Leisure Trip.  That way you won't have to paddle hard to get in by the 7 PM Saturday or 6 Pm Weekday finish time.

Leisure Trip -  


     A great trip for those wanting a half day escape down the river.   Should take 2-5 hours depending on how much paddling you do, how many breaks you take, and current river conditions. The current river levels available on the weather page.  The Leisure Trip has the most flexibility in timing.  We generally put this trip out anytime until 3:00 pm.  Call for current conditions.


Float from Peavine to Eagle Bluff

 Adventure Trip - 
     Start this trip early so you won't have to hurry. Stop for lunch at Hanging Rock, and enjoy a swim at the numerous gravel bars along the way. Generally takes 4-8 hours depending on river levels, your boat choices, and floating habits. If you have never been floating before, or are not sure of your strength or swimming abilities, we reccomend you try the Leisure Trip first.


Float Round Hollow to Eagle Bluff

Safari Trip & Overnight -


       The Leisure and Adventure Trips are by far the most popular.  The Safari trip puts in near Chewey and is for those who like to paddle, 6-10 hours.  We also offer overnight as well as other custom trips.  Please call and ask to speak to a River Guide.  The options are many and they are ready with answers. 



Float times and area by arrangement.