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As you can see Rafts are very popular!

Why, are Rafts so Popular?

    We provide top of the line Midwest White Water Rafts, they are six feet wide and very stable.   This makes them the hardest boat to tip over. So they are great for childern under five, and those who can't swim.  Or anyone just looking for a leisurely trip.

    But other boats are fun too!  See below for more options, like Canoes, Kayaks, and Tubes.  -
                             It's your choice. 

Of Eagle Bluff's 485 Boats which type will you choose?

    Our most popular boat is a Midwest Rafts hypalon six man whitewater raft. It will hold Six adults and Two Ice Chests. On weekends there is a 3 or 4 adult minimum to rent these rafts.  And if you have larger groups we divide thru by four and give you the closest whole number of rafts.   


Tubes - Economical Fun!

    If you don't mind getting wet and aren't in a hurry a tube can be a lot of fun.  If the waters below 3' you might have to walk in a few places.  But Tubes really are a nice economical way to enjoy the river.  Tubes are limited so call early to reserve yours.

Chosen your boat type?


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 It's all good river fun!

Check Out the Outfitter Advice

Drop Down Tab for River Clothing, Shoes, and  What to bring with you.


Surely you don't want to be less prepared than the castaways on

 "Gilligan's Island" taking a 3 Hour Tour






  Canoes are Fun Too! 

    We use Osagian Two and Three Seater, seventeen foot aluminum canoes.  Two Adult minimum.  Riding a Canoe is like riding a bike, its a lot of fun, but your probably going to fall over a time or two.  Any paddling questions? Just ask one of our knowledgeable River Guides and check out the outfitters advice page.

Ready to Reserve Your Boats?


It's easy! Just click the picture below to go to the Make a Reservation Tab, and make your reservation request Online!  For no fee, we will make your reservation, and then e-mail you the confirmation Express Code.  If you wish to reserve specific camp sites, group pricing, boats for busy days, etc. the e-mail will explain our deposit guarantee program.

Eagle Bluff Crew Spring Cleaning Some Rafts

What about Kayaks?

Kayaks are like sports cars.  You ride low to the water, go fast, and can turn on a dime.  And if the current isn't real fast, you can even go upstream. 


We use float on top Jackson Kayaks.  For rivers, float on tops are safer since they can't fill with water if you tip it over.  We have one and two man Kayaks available.  Single kayaks have 275 lb. weight limit.  



Click on the video to see why we float Jackson Riviera Kayaks

(Please Note our boats do not have the additional front hatch and we recommend you bring your own bungee or buy one to attach your ice chests.  We recommend soft sided ice chests for kayaks)

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