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Outfitter Advice

    To the left are two of our Great River Guides who know River Fun!


    They not only know how to enjoy the River, but they know how to do it safely.  Every Spring the Bluff has a school where we teach our employees how to help our Guests safely enjoy the river.  And on this page we are sharing some tips to make a memorable float trip.  


    As you can see above some of these guys are very strong.  But we don't hire them just for their muscles.  We hire them, because they care about having fun safely. 


What Should I Bring?

You'll be out on the river a while, so bring some water and some good energy foods.  If your going on the Adventure Trip you'll need to pack a lunch, and maybe two lunches if your friends don't paddle.  Tip:  If Kayaking, a medium soft sided ice chest with a bungee cord works well.

    Sunburns are not fun.  So don't forget your sunscreen.  Also our river has a gravel bottom, that's why the water is so clear.  But it's hard on your feet.  So bring some old tennis shoes to wear.  Sore feet aren't fun either!  You can find river shoes, hats, T-shirts, and sunglasses at our Outfitter store.  Come visit!

What should I leave at Home?

     If you're under 21 it is illegal for you to drink beer anywhere in Oklahoma.  If you're over 21 remember you can't bring anything stronger than 3.2 beer, so don't bring hard liquor to the river. The fines, or worse a night in county jail will ruin your trip.


- Please Drink Responsibly -

    Also leave at home your styrofoam ice chests, ice chests that are larger than 48 quarts, or any that don't have a lid than can be secured.  Also please leave glass at home.  The Rangers give tickets for all of these.

Personal Floatation Devices

     Life jackets (PFD's) are your best protection to avoid drowning.  So if you can't swim, please wear a life jacket.  If you're 12 or under, Oklahoma Law requires that you wear your jacket at all times while boating, including playing along the shore.


      At 5 1/2 foot river level, we require all children 10 or under to switch to rafts, and recommend that everyone wear their life jackets.  Our safety smart Guides always wear their jackets when they are retrieving boats, so if in doubt, wear it.  Maybe someone will think your one of our Cool River Guides!



Children's PFD's







Do Not Let Your Child Wear an Adult Life Jacket if the child is under 90 pounds. 


    If a life jacket slips over their head, the child will not be protected.  Please come by the office and we will make sure you have the right size jacket for your child, at no charge.  We want to be sure your child is properly fitted in one of four sizes of top quality USCG approved life jackets, including crotch strap and self-righting collars for younger floaters.   At Eagle Bluff  your children's safety is our top priority.

We're happy to help!

   All of our crew are hired because they are friendly.  But to change from being a River Hand to a River Guide  we receive additional outfitter  training and pass our own special test.  Then we are ready to take you, our Guests, up river.  So please, let us know if you haven't canoed or kayaked before.   Also the river's always changing, so if you have any river questions, just ask.  We will be happy to answer and share our helpful river tips.


- Eagle Bluff's River Guides


    Hey River Guide

           Do You Know?

How do I keep my raft from going in circles?


What's the weight limit on a single Kayak?


How do I know when I've gone 1/2 way on the Leisure Trip?


Who should sit in the back of the canoe?


How can I tell if there's an obstacle  under water?


If I paddle on the left side of my canoe where will the front go?


What two kinds of alligators are in the river?  Are there really alligators! 


Why is my Kayak pulling to the right?


How can I spot the fastest path down river?


Why is it good that they don't allow styrofoam ice chests on the river?


If you know all the answers, come and apply maybe you're a