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    The Illinois River is Generally a Class I or II River

         That means the waves are usually not more than a foot and the channel is well marked so it is difficult to get lost. But weather can quickly change, including river levels, so enjoy our Tahlequah Weather Page.

 Average Depth is about 2 1/2 to 4 feet


     These are perfect Illinois River levels to safely enjoy your float.  However the Illinois River levels can change quickly, so it's a good idea to do the following:  About four days before your trip check the Tahlequah weather forecast, like Accu-Weather above.  


Note: We float rain or shine, so If the weather is scarring you off, please call us and we will transfer your float or camping deposit to a different date thru the end of next season at no charge.  No refunds because of weather.


       If we have been getting a lot of rain, then you should check the Illinois River levels.  The next columns give you some general knowledge of river levels, and links to the latest information.  And always feel free to call our River Guides for advice.                       -

   "Never try to walk across a river just because it has an average depth of four feet."

                      Martin Freidman

 Note: The Illinois river is not a lake, and water generally rises steadily for about 24 hours after a heavy rain and then can drop steadily for the next 24 hours.   We might not be able to float in the morning, but may float in the afternoon.  Each river event is different.  Check the Tahlequah weather above and please feel free to call, and ask to speak to a River Guide. They'll be happy to share their river knowledge with you. 


        You may also want to check out the two USGS water gauges upstream of Eagle Bluff and the Tahlequah USGS Bridge gauge, far downstream from us by using the following links. (River Levels at Eagle Bluff are approximately 1/2 way between the Chewey Bridge and Tahlequah Bridge gauge levels)

Eagle Bluff Guests float the Upper Illiniois River

Most Popular due to it's faster Water 

Following are the safety guidelines we use, based on Illinois River levels and adopted by the Illiniois River Association in 1993.


Note: State Law requires those 12 and under to wear their life jacket at all times.  At river levels of 5'-6" or higher we strongly urge all floaters to wear their life jackets. All guests must sign a liability waiver. 

River Safety Guidelines

Five Foot Six Inches
All Children 10 & Under

Switch to Rafts

Six Foot
All Adults and Children
Switch to Rafts
Seven Feet
Children 10 & Under
Not Float at All
Nine Feet Six Inches

All Floating Cease