Not always. However, Saturdays in Illinois are nothing short of crazy! Eagle Bluff sells out of crafts regularly on Saturdays, so if you are interested in floating on a Saturday, please make a reservation. If you are wanting to camp with us, a reservation is required to ensure you get the campsite you desire. Lodging does require reservations and on weekends book early. You can make reservations online through our reservations page or give us a call at 918-456-3031.

Check-ins for cabins are 4 PM. If an earlier check-in time is desired, please contact us. Check-ins for campgrounds begin at 2 PM, and you can check in until the quiet hours of your campground begin — 11 PM for Family Campground, and 1:30 AM for Late Night. If you arrive after your quiet hours begin, we will have a waiting area near the Security Gatehouse for guests to stay until quiet hours end at 7 AM.

If it’s a Saturday or Sunday, you will come to the back windows and a Resort Guide will ensure that everyone is paid for, signed a waiver, and ready to float! She will then issue you a float ticket, which must be turned in to the front desk inside the River Store once everyone is ready to go. Use the time after you receive your float ticket to get ready for your float. After you have put on your sunscreen, got your keys put away, finished in the restrooms, and gotten your free trash bags, then you can turn in your float ticket. Once a bus is ready, the bus driver will call you by your party’s name. Do not board a bus before your name is called!

Office hours are from 8 am-6 pm Sunday-Thursday, 8 am-9 pm Friday, and 8 am-7 pm Saturday. If you do not check-in at the office before closing on Friday, you can check-in at our security gatehouse until 1:30 AM. (if you are a Late Night camper. All Family Campground campers must be checked in before 11:00 PM.) Anyone arriving after quiet hours begin must wait by the security gate until 7 AM. Sleep in your car at no extra charge!

Yes! Completely free of charge, Eagle Bluff will gladly hold your keys, etc. that will fit in a small lunch sack. We ask that you lock all valuables in your car! Remember, don’t take anything on the river you do not want on the bottom of the river — including your expensive sunglasses!

For lodging, refund will be issued if we can re-rent the unit for the same time. Let us know as soon as possible to improve the opportunity to re-rent. Eagle Bluff Resort does not issue refunds for camping or floating. If you are unable to make your reservation after you have already paid, please notify us by noon the day before your scheduled arrival and we will keep your payment as a credit, applicable up to 18 months after the cancelled reservation.

No. Eagle Bluff Resort works hard to keep all prices as low as possible. We do offer discounts to large floating groups with a responsible Group Leader making one payment and presenting all liability waivers. Your liability waiver must be completely filled out to receive the discount. You can view and print the liability waiver here.

If your reservation is for floating only, your deposit is one person’s float per boat. For example, if you have a group of 10 and need 2 boats for the Leisure Trip, we would charge for two adults for the deposit, or 2 payments of $32 (total $64). If it is a camping and floating package, there is a minimum number of guest packages that must be paid for. The number of guests varies by campsite. For camp only reservations, one person’s full camping stay must be paid as well as any amenities like RV connections. All cabin deposits include all nights in the cabin + taxes and a $100 float deposit.

Eagle Bluff Resort Guides strive to return all phone messages received before 6 p.m. the same day the message is left, so be sure to leave a message. Resort Guides are often unable to answer phone calls on Friday evenings - Saturday mornings. We are usually very busy helping Guests with check-ins! Please leave a voicemail with your phone number and let us know how best to help you. Your Vacation number helps. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

The Illinois River varies day-to-day, and in some cases it changes by the hour! However, no matter what, we can promise that the Illinois looks beautiful. You can check river levels here. For reference, ideal floating conditions range anywhere from 3.5 - 5.5 feet. Feel free to call if you are concerned about the next few days We’ll give you our onsite view and best guess of what will happen.

No. All guests are expected to float at their own risk, and children are not to be left unattended. Guests agree to these rules when they sign our liability waiver, which can be found here.

Eagle Bluff Resort welcomes campers of all ages! However, due to safety considerations we will not float children under 2. Remember that it is Oklahoma State Law that all floaters age twelve and under must wear a life jacket at all times. Please take this into consideration before starting on your float — will your child be comfortable in a life jacket for 2-6 hours? However, the flow and height of the river determines float restrictions, and that varies daily. Most days floating is not restricted. You can view our river level floating restrictions here.

No. Think of the Illinois River as a generally lazy river — it’s easily navigated by amateurs!

No! Eagle Bluff provides everything required for a fun and safe float trip. Eagle Bluff provides the boat, transportation to the drop off site, a life jacket, and the paddles. We even provide the River! (sorta)

As long as you are following all state and local fishing laws, you are permitted to fish on the Illinois River.

Water — it’s important to stay hydrated on the river!

Water-friendly shoes — the Illinois River is not a sandy river, it’s rocky.

Snacks — something about a float trip makes everyone hungry! An ice chest full of water, sandwiches, and chips seem to be the Illinois River staples. However, feel free to bring any snacks you would like!

Sunscreen — it’s easy to get carried away in the fun of a float trip, and because of that we often see Guests return from their float trips with pretty intense sunburns.

Trash bags — the Illinois River is beautiful, and we want to keep it that way! Eagle Bluff encourages all of our Guests to take some trash bags on their float to keep from littering the river. We provide free trash bags in the office!

Sunglasses / hat — its important to protect yourself from the sun!

Anything you don’t want at the bottom of the river. We often see guests take their keys, phones, and wallets with them, AND return without them. Eagle Bluff will hold small items in the office. Think of what will fit in a lunch sack.

Yes! Eagle Bluff is pet-friendly. All we ask is that your pet is friendly in return, and remains on a leash. There is a $5.00 fee for dogs floating or camping and a $15.00 fee for dogs in our lodging. Registration tags are provided in the office. We ask that you pickup after your pet in consideration of other Guests.

On weekdays, Eagle Bluff Resort offers shuttle services for $10 per person to Peavine Hollow Public Access until 2pm, and for $15 per person to Round Hollow Public Access until 11am. Please note that due to congestion at our Private Landing, on weekends our privately owned North Beach Landing will only be available for Eagle Bluff Guests. Our camping Guests with their own boats are the only private boats allowed on North Beach Landing on weekends. For insurance reasons, shuttles transport people only. We advise guests to drop off their crafts, and have one person return to Eagle Bluff and shuttle back to the put-in point while the rest of the party waits with the crafts. Our weekend campers with privately owned boats will pay package price and receive free shuttles as needed during our normal float times mentioned above.

The water in the Illinois River usually stays comfortable. It’s continuously moving, so it never has time to freeze.

Eagle Bluff floats rain or shine — a little rain never hurt anybody! Lightning generally strikes the high points, and the river is generally considered the low point — so stay low! Do not seek shelter under a tree or a tall structure during a lightning storm. Because we float rain or shine, weather tolerance is your personal choice.

Yes! Just come back up to the office and we will confirm a waiver signature and get you a new one.

For safety reasons, Eagle Bluff only allows guests with wristbands into our campgrounds. If you would like to have visitors at your campsite, Eagle Bluff requires them to check in and pay as campers. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Eagle Bluff Resort asks that all guests refrain from smoking when dining in TreeTops Grill and while working with Resort Guides at the front office and in the River Store. Smoking is permitted at your campsite, we just ask that you be mindful of other guests. Please do not subject other guests to secondhand smoke. Establish a distance between yourself and large groups or other campsites prior to smoking. With the legalization of medical marijuana within the state of Oklahoma, Eagle Bluff Resort permits the smoking of legal cannabis in the campgrounds but not in the River Store, on our boarding patio or at TreeTops Grill. Please remain mindful of other Guests during all activities.

No. The trees near the Illinois River are susceptible to illnesses and pests brought in by outside wood. We offer firewood bundles for sale inside our store, as well as at the security guard house outside of the campground entrance.

Probably! Eagle Bluff offers picnic tables, and if your campsite does not come with one you are more than welcome to find an unused one on another campsite and move it over! We cannot promise a picnic table for every site on busy weekends. We offer mini grills in the office, they require a $20 deposit that is returned to you when the grill is returned. Guests are more than welcome to build fire pits on their campsite. To view all of the amenities offered at Eagle Bluff Resort, please view our amenities page.

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