Full Day Trip - 4 to 6 Hrs

Full Day Trip - 4 to 6 Hrs

Full Day Trip - 4 to 6 Hrs
PP (Fri - Sun), $25 (Mon - Thur)

Length : 9 Miles Float Trip

Looking for an amazing trip? Look no further. Our Full day Trip Adventure Trip is what has been called a “The Adventure Trip”. The Adventure Trip takes 4-6 hours on average to complete. We launch at Round Hollow Public Access and Landing our North Beach. The latest you can depart for the Adventure Trip is 11:00 AM*. 

All boats regardless of trip must be returned by 6PM, except Saturdays by 7PM to get our bus for your ride. 

After our final landing hour, you can land at our South Beach located behind our Camp Store. (No Ride)

Areas Covered

Illinois River Recreation Area


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