Current Illinois River Levels

Current Illinois River Levels

Current Illinois River Levels

The Illinois River is generally a Class I - II river …

that means an easily navigable channel with waves not over a foot. The average depth is 2 1/2 to 5 feet. These are perfect river conditions to safely enjoy your float! But it is a river and levels can become unsafe for floating. River levels can change up and down quickly. The river’s water rises and falls much quicker than lakes because the water is flowing and not being held back. We have provided the buttons below to access the current river level gauges used by the USGS (United States Geological Service). 


Please call or text us and we will be happy to explain how the rain is affecting the river at the current time. There are many variables involved, including where you are floating on the river. We might not be able to float in the morning, but may float in the afternoon.  

Watts Bridge shows the approximate water Eagle Bluff will receive in 12-18 Hours, while Chewey Bridge shows approximate water we will receive in 6-12 Hours. Combs Bridge is just south of Eagle Bluff Beach.  

River Level Guidelines

The Tahlequah gauge is downriver from Eagle Bluff and is often the gauge noted in news reports. Since this is downriver from us, we have already experienced this water and it is of little help in determining the future water at Eagle Bluff Resort or where we float.

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